Your Genealogy Room:
Beginning in 2020, we have developed a reference and resource genealogy room. The room was created to house records and serve all members of our church community. Not only does the room house some records of our church, there are also records of other Reformed churches, mostly from Ulster County.
Your genealogy room currently has some genealogy records of our church members, along with records of former church members. The room is available to assist church members with instruction on how they can perform their own genealogy research and record their data in a universally recognizable format.
The room can be open for your use of genealogical exploration, usually after a Sunday church service, or a mutually convenient time, by either contacting Jim or Anita Hadley at (845) 339-5363, or the church secretary. The room has a dedicated computer available for exploring the many websites that might hold data on your family. The room also houses a number of historical items that many find of interest, including a hand-made American Flag made by the “Colored Women,” as a token of their appreciation for
the care they and their husbands received while in service in the Union Army during the American Civil War.