Pastor Kevin

Pastor Kevin SlusherI came to Port Ewen from Holland, Michigan where I attended Hope College and Western Theological Seminary studying Theology and Political Science.  As a pastor, my hope is that each of us would experience the love and grace of God that speaks into our particular and unique existence, especially as we gather together as a community in worship. I hope that the Holy Spirit would make us more and more like Christ through the means of grace (preaching and the sacraments). And in response to this grace, it is my hope that the each of us would be freed to do the difficult work of naming our brokenness so that we can be knit back together by the Holy Spirit and experience the healing and wholeness that is given to us in Jesus. My desire is that the people of God, in response to God’s grace, would feel empowered to live out the gospel in their day-to-day work, rest and play. I take seriously God’s command that we love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. I love to read theology, to study Scripture, to think and write about ways for us to be faithful in our particular place and time in the world, and to be present and pray with others as we together look for the ways God is at work in our lives. Outside of my direct pastoral work I love reading, road-biking, gardening and watching things grow, writing, baking, talking about good books and ideas, gathering together with friends and strangers around good food and drinks, listening to music, and playing with kids.

Kevin Slusher, Pastor